Circulator Boot

Circulator Boot Long-Boot, Valve Assembly and Heart Monitor
A bad leg is a common, if not the most common, cause of hospital admission for diabetic patients over age 40. The Circulator Boot Company is dedicated to improving the lot of such patients and of other patients with circulatory problems in the leg, heart and kidneys.

  • About the Circulator Boot : What is the Circulator Boot, how does it differ from other boots or compare to alternative treatment modalities in augmenting arterial blood flow to the leg?
  • Resources : Our extensive resource section includes links to relevant medical literature; landmark studies with the Circulator Boot; downloadable slide presentations; links to organizations, doctors and other professionals; information on Medicare and Insurance Issues and financing a boot clinic.
  • Case Histories : Case Histories are organized by disease classification and by individual title. There are over 200 cases presented with photographs that provide evidence for all to see and interpret. These cases have appeared in peer-reviewed journals as individual cases or in tabular form.
  • Newsletters : Review current and prior versions of our Newsletter where we profile our Partners in Therapy, share the latest headlines about what’s new with Circulator Boot, respond to clinical questions posed to Dr. Dillon, profile patient testimonials and offer innovative thinking about Wound Care and Compression therapy under Perspectives in Circulation.