Case Histories by Disease Classification or by Individual Title

Here is one powerful way to help the interested physician learn and evaluate our technology: demonstrating success where others failed and relating the therapeutic method to the pathophysiology of the patients. These cases have appeared in peer-reviewed journals as individual cases or in tabular form. The cases are first given both by disease classification and by individual title.

Evidence-based Medicine and These Case Histories

These case histories are-taken from the series of Dr. Dillon, the inventor of the Circulator Boot™. His patient series comprise the most data accumulated with the Circulator Boot. Likely, the manufacturers of insulin have contributed more than their share to the literature on insulin... and so they should or no one else might have. Likewise, Dillon in the absence of research dollars for others has contributed more than his share of the data on the Circulator Boot. What are the characteristics of his reports?

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